Jun 2, 2015

Wedding Dinner in Brunei

This is my first time attending wedding dinner in Brunei.

According to the invitation card, the dinner event will start at 6 pm. So we entered the restaurant and sat comfortably on our chair at 6 pm. 


8.15 pm, the newly couple enter grandly.
8.20 pm, the first dish is out with big lobster shell.
8.40 pm, 2nd dish.
9.00 pm, 3rd dish.
9.20 pm, 4th dish.
9.40 pm, 5th dish.
10.00 pm, 6th dish.
10.20 pm, 7th and the last dish.

It feels like eternity while waiting for the dish to come out.

The table have 12 chairs and the food portion is for 8 person.

From hungry and cold guest.....


CWMartin said...

Cold? In Brunei?

Ghostynana said...

Air conditioner very cold