Jan 17, 2015


You saw it as a chance. Then realised you end up in an abusive condition. Should you release yourself from the situation or bear up with it?

Surrounding people had accepted it for so long. Very long till it is becoming part of their life. Should you do the same?

Like many abused victim, you start to think 'is it your fault? Yes, it should be my fault and I deserve it.' When a kid break a plate, the kid deserve a hard beating and a good hard scold. The kid deserved to be embarrased in front of crowd. It is not abuse.

Do you think it can be considered as abused?

What about being ignored and treated as invisible? You may thought it is normal. Is it abusive when the victim feels neglected? You may thought it only happen in high school and domestic household, but is it so?

Where is the channel to express your feeling and protect yourself in adult world? It is too embarassing. Who will believe it? You may tell someone and it may become a joke among your peers. Or being ignored because you are a small potato and does not deserve any corrective action. It is proved because many abused victim complained about it before and no action taken. Is it because they are small potato? And the abuser is big potato?

Aha! Now you might understand the meaning of politic! OIC! Oh I See!

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CWMartin said...

I know not the same situation, but I sat for 20 years in a bad job situation because I believed I could do no better. I could and so can you.