Jul 26, 2013

War in office 1

Today discussion topic on Radio myfm is about war in office.

War in office is very scary, especially in big company. Internal war is not very healthy because we are colleagues, not enemies.

In my previous job with and international university, it is like war via email everyday. Even lecturers behave the same way. Out of nowhere, you will be accused of doing something.

There is one email I remember clearly. My HOD is on leave for few days, and one lecturer emailed my HOD asking from some information, which can be obtained from me. then the lecturer email me asking information for another thing, then give her and explain something. then suddenly she accused me of being inefficient because i didn't give information for the 1st email. Err, i did not get her 1st email. How to give the information when I have no idea.

Lecturer = Snobbish.

Not all lecturers behaved the same way. So far only her. I have no idea who is she.

There are many lecturers who help me when I have questions regarding the enrolment. It is important to reach understanding in working, because it involves all.

Even by reading emails, it is very depressed.

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