Jul 22, 2013

Free Hugs

I get this from 9GAG Singapore

In 2011, my big bro and youngest bro went to Taiwan for a holiday. My youngest brother is 18 years old back then, and my big bro is 13 years older. With an age gap of 13 years, of course they have different view and attitude of life. One is more conservative, and another is fun and carefree.

With different views, it is not fun if the two go to holiday together. So they went their separate ways for shopping in Taiwan. One go upper level, one go average level.
Then they go for coffee together. Suddenly my youngest bro excuse himself from the table.

.....and back with pictures of him hugging Japanese girls, and many girls. He received free hugs from the huggers.

He sure not typical shy boy.


CWMartin said...

Today, I'd be right there with younger brother. I could use a hug.

Naomi said...

hug :)

CWMartin said...

Mmmmm... Thanks!