Jul 27, 2013

War in office 2

Now in the company, too many women in the office.

most women make decision based on emotion and feeling.
If you offended a woman, it is dead penalty for you.
you will go down no matter how nice you are.

I can only describe the office is like a high school class.
In high school, everyone formed their own group.
Everyone in the group will say yes to the group leader, will laugh at their leader's not funny joke.

A newcomer will become a hate target and not welcome in the class. There is an exception for boss' daughter.

I was so depressed when i first work here. They may smile in front of you, but stabbed you from behind.

but now it is much better.


CWMartin said...

Amazing how many people never really get "out of school". We had a boss once who always resented any new girl more popular than her. As she approached her fifties, though, she sort of grew out of that.

Ensurai said...

Office politics is really bad. Yes I think certain people never grow out of their childishness in spite of all the corporate training. Remember there is a cartoon on difficult office people. I use that to remind me of the difficult people I have to handle..especially one who looks like an angry bull...

there should be joy in working and peak production of group...Wishing you well.