May 17, 2013


Continuing from last post.

UTM also have many fruit trees around the campus.
One said that when you ran out of money, do not worry. Because you will not go hungry in UTM.

A long joyful walk around campus. 
When you are thirsty, just pick a coconut and try open it with your head.
and you can quench your thirst.

You might find coconut is hard to break,
No worry. 
As another option, you can find Chambu (Jambu) at your doorsteps.
Try throw a stone and use your umbrealla (upside down) to catch felling Chambus.

Thirst is now quench, but you may be malnourished.
At the backyard, you can pick some sawit fruit and boil it.
It have lots of vitamins, and keep you alive and healthy.

How can such a marvelous university does not have king of fruits!

Just have a walk up the slope towards the legendary mosque and helipad.
Be careful of falling durians!

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