May 15, 2013

Pig in UTM

Referring to the picture above, this scenario happen in the university I used to study for my degree.

University Technology Malaysia is a technology university but also have many livestock. I don't remember UTM offer any course related to animals or fruits.

In front of the main gate, there is a small hazardous roundabout. the roundabout caused many vehicle accident. I believe on of the accident involved a pig.

Talking about pig, you have to understand that Malaysia is a Muslim country. UTM is in Peninsular Malaysia, not easy to find pork, even harder to see a pig. Back in hometown in Sarawak (Malaysia state on Borneo Island), it is easy to find pork sold openly, and people have pigs in village. However, you can find pigs in UTM.

One afternoon, My friend and I was on our way home. When we near the roundabout, we saw a dead pig beside the road. My friend had a sudden urge to stop by the road to pick up the dead pig, and have a feast of pork at home.

I just laughed. HAHAHAHAHA. And it remained a sweet memory.

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