Jun 25, 2013

Reporter - interviewee

In the news, the reporter always ask opinion from the public.

Very often, the public will thanks the government for providing the thing. Many times thanks the Prime Minister for having such plan.

Words which they used usually are very bombastic, which common people will only used in composing essay.

Last night, there is one interviewee make it is hard to believe the her sincerity. The topic is about online education. The student is very sad that she cannot go to the school due to haze. And she can still study from home by using this online study.

I do not know is it possible for a student to be sad because no school.
For me, I will be super happy because no school.

I believe you have to prepare before being interview. Or else you will be arr err eee hmmnnn.

If you received something from the government, tax payers won't mind you thanking tax payer as well. hehehe..


CWMartin said...

I was just reading (and briefly posting) about your haze. How bad is it where you are?

Ghostynana said...

The haze in my area is not too bad. but the smell of BBQ is everywhere and still can cause breathing difficulties.