Jun 18, 2013

By Race or By Nation?

When you see few person from your neighborhood is helping your neighbor pushing his car, what is running in your mind?

A typical Malaysian will say, "people from different race come to help him, really 1Malaysia."

I will say this ignite the concept of racism.

An advertisement on the radio
When I was a young boy, I have Chinese friends, Malay friends, Indian friends.

I will say this young man was raised with elements of racism.

Some comment I read
I want to have many Chinese friends!

I will say We are MALAYSIAN, not Chinese!
Do you classified people around you by their race or skin colour?
As a young boy, do you remember your friends by their race or skin colour?
So you will not befriend someone which are from an unknown race or unknown skin colour?

The more emphasis on the race, the more racism we sound like.

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