Dec 29, 2009

My 2009... Cameroon, Angola, Jojo

My 2009 began with a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to a war zone. It is located at Bakassi Peninsular, Cameroon. (It is Cameroon, not Cameron Highland.) When one of tugboats attacked by ‘unknown attacker’ or ‘pirate’ or ‘independence fighter, I first handed experienced emergency evacuation from our barge and almost get the chance to see the famous ‘big banana’.

Barge pulled by tugboat

Arrived at local jetty

With my colleagues

Going back to barge

Scary experience, I was lowered down by the captain of the soldiers.

March is my birthday. As usual, everyone in the whole earth celebrated my birthday, by giving flowers to women. First time I drove to pick up all my friends (4 friends) for a dinner and ice cream at Dessert. The day after my birthday, I flew to work, a new place, new country, Angola.

As I was eager to have a hobby, to make my life less vain, I bought Canon 500D. I called it my ‘Cup D’. Through this hobby, I get to know more friends also known as ‘photo leg’, ‘photokaki’. I hope they will not forget me while I am away..


Accidents of the year are:
@ Car enter into drain
@ Dropped my mobile phone, stepped on it and cracked its screen.
@ Hand in love with door handle
@ Almost frozen in Johannesburg

The wedding of the year is my friend’s wedding in Bali, Ritual Bali. Nice chapel.
 Bride's niece, looks like mini version of my friend.

Buying lunch, 'nasi padang'.

 Camwhoring with the kids. The kids like me very much. :)


The bride

Me and her

Me, The storyteller of a love story.

However the most important event of the year is joining gospel work in Sabah.

Preaching of gospel at Beaufort Train Station.

 Lord's table meeting.

My best guy friend for the year is.. and my best girl friend of the year is..*

The saddest thing happened in the year is the passing away of my dog, Jojo. He was considered as my youngest scary brother.

Jojo, he looks like the Wookiee from Star Wars.

The worst outbreak of the year is the acne outbreak on my face.

My 2009 is indeed well-balanced physically, socially, and spiritually, and lived without regret.  Everything that happened had made me more mature. Hope it will be much better in 2010.

Happy New Year to all!!

*noted that best friends of the year, I knew them this year. It does not mean other friends are not best.
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