Dec 17, 2009

Safety first

Imagining I am flying home... get out of the small small town in a small small plane..

Sitting on my small small seat, having a big big smile on my face...

First thing to do when on a plane, you have to notice where is the emergency exit.
It is very important to know where is it, how many rows of chair from you.
It is because during emergency, you may need to find the exit using only your touching sense.


Remember to read all the signs on the plane.

This exit weighs 23 pounds.
Noticed how a person get out through the emergency exit.

2nd most important thing is to read the safety brochure. Every plane has their own emergency escape procedure. Reading the brochure may decrease the anxiety if anything happen, because you know what you should do during emergency evacuation.

Noticed that seat cushion of this plane can be use as a float, flotation cushion.

I would not know  that it is flotation cushion if I did not read the safety brochure.

*Sigh* It is only the first step to reach home....

A small small plane to get me out of a small small town, to get to a small town.

Still have more imaginations to go before I reach home. By the time I finish my imagination, I bet it is time for me to go home too.

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