Dec 16, 2009

Ungrateful Bastard

How can a person changed so dramatically after that person does not need you anymore?

Recently, a person seek for my help in something.

It begin with a thread of message in Facebook.
Before that person get to the main point, that person was writing very nicely. We talked about our old school and bla bla bla. I knew from the beginning his motive of sending the message, I was only waiting for him to sound it out.

Finally he get to the main point, asking for my help in something. Many people before asked me for same help before. So I do not mind helping another homo sapien in the same matter. Many homo sapien whom I help forgot about my help, but it is fine with me.

After I helped that homo sapien, I was kidding around with him by asking for a treat from him. That homo sapien's first reply indicates he is not fond of the idea. Somehow, I felt that I scared him by doing that. Maybe that homo sapien is afraid to be alone with me while having an non-alcoholic drink.

Anyway, a drink session is just a normal 'yamcha' (gathering) session, with no interior motive. Does that homo sapien need to be that scare? Was I wearing my tigress face when I wrote the message? Can't I have a 'thanks' treat from that person?

No worries, homo sapien. I do not want to be alone with you when drinking non-alcoholic drink. It is because my dad said it is dangerous to be alone with a man.

I guess that homo sapien would like to be alone with me for an alcoholic drink session.................................................. No thanks!

P.S : Thanks for breaking my mental block, that homo sapien.
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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ghosty Nana, there are always people like this....they want but do not kind.
People who take advantage of other people's good nature. I have seen, know and experience many my life time.

Then again, I believe in giving without remembering, to receive without forgetting.
Past 22 years we have had friends never even seen us before we left for Canada, no cards, no letters 15 to 20 years, then out of the blue they phone want to come for holidays, stay our place.
After 15 years no contact!!!
Their x'cuse? No time. But coming for holiday, stay free, they find the time.

Then when they return home promising to keep in touch, we never hear from them again.
And then a few treat us as Santa Claus, they come for a holiday, we take them touring everywhere, they never once put gas or pay for the gas I use, airport carpark, we pay for the lunch and dinners....they after 3 days feel homesick for KL food, my wife buys the food and cook for them.....we spend like crazy, they keep hands in like crazy too as they save food money, hotel money.

Yes, there are people like this.
Only last week I posted about such friends. Yes, there are many people like this.
You keep well and smile, best regards, lee.

Ghosty Nana said...

Uncle Lee, I read your post about the couple.
It is actually better to give and expect no return. It is a waste of time to feel disappoint over ungrateful bastard, as it will only kill our brain cell and lower our standard to bastard's standard.

It is actually blessing in disguise. I can write now!!