Dec 3, 2009

Comment about Relationship

I found this comment at a blog, which is very informative and realistic.

"For good relationships to start, people should not be seen as possessions to be desired. Just be natural and enjoy good company. If something special clicks, then it's fated. If someone else has already made the connection, then remain as distant friends. Don't ruffle the water by making effort to pull away or to get closer. Keep it loose and friendly.

Make more friends. Then the problem gets spread out. Also more chances are created (;P).

Sometimes we may like someone like crazy but that person just cannot return the same passion. It's fated. Later when we think back, maybe it was better that way. Relationships that are not built on natural feelings but based on artificial reasons built on personal needs exclusively will not last long without pain.

A good and strong relationship is always built on real love and true understanding. Real because it will be tested time and again, and true because it will be needed time and again. There will be many hurdles to overcome together along the same road of life for both. The initial feelings will have to settle down to the mundane things like budgeting and helping to grow each other's strengths and reduce each other's weaknesses.

If such thoughts and feelings are shown at the very beginning, then the person who will be the one will be better able to appreciate the other person.

That 'someone' is just one out of seven billion today. Yet the miracle given to those who are ready to receive it is that one day somehow one special 'someone' will turn up.

Because that special 'someone' will at the same moment also experience that same miracle."

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Taylor said...

I absolutely agree with this post! It's so true!

Ghosty Nana said...

The one who wrote that comment always wrote realistic and practical advices on a blog, :)