Dec 31, 2009

Character can be seen by the way you play Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game that require much concentration and fast response to number. It also needs you to make decisions fast.

If you have a small island of boxes which are not clicked, and not much clue of which box will contained mine. However there are left big chunk of boxes which are not clicked, and it is easy to guess where the mines are located. Which will you choose to solve first?

Small island or big easy island??

Few weeks ago, I will choose the small island. My reason is why not take the risk to solve the small island, if it can not be solved, it will only be wasting my time to step on mines when I am almost finish the game. I chose to take the risk.

However, the current me will choose to solve the big chunk, easy to solves boxes.

I found it is much easy to solve all the boxes, by solving the chunk first.

Whenever I saw the small dangerous island of mines, automatically my mind will give out warning that I may steps on mines. Emotionally, I will be eager to solve the small dangerous island, a.k.a. committing suicide.

It is easier to solve it by clicking the big chunk first, because one clue may leads to many clues. My mind will be more relax and more rational to make decision. It is always not good to make decision when the mind is not calm. It will only lead to disaster, such as killed by mines, may lose a leg or head.

I had learn to be more patient and not rushing in making decision. Sometimes there is the need to stop, analyze and think in our life. It may seems right at the moment something happened. After some calming session and thorough thinking, everything may become clear, and found it it was a consequence of a wrong decision.

Asking for advice is not bad. But only you know the best about your situation. In your consideration, your friends' advice can only be used as a guide. We have to make the decision for ourselves, meaning don't fully trust your friends' advices.

There is an exceptional though. If someone thinking to commit suicide, I mean real suicide such as by jumping from high without any bungee rope attached or drink poison, if your friend told you not to kill yourself, you should really trust your friend on this. Just don't trust the wrong friend!!!!!

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*azyan* said...

It's been years since the last time I played minesweeper. no offence dear. I stop playing it because I never won... my mouse will always click the box that contains mine. end up It's game over. hehehehe :)

Ghosty Nana said...

I seldom won too. my percentage of winning is 2%. twice in 100 times.... :)