Dec 7, 2009

Go search Google

What is the point of chatting and communication when all answer to questions are available in Google??

Asking question is one way to keep a virtual chat going on and interesting.

When one try to keep the chat going on by asking question, while the other one keep answering with "Go search Google". I see no point how that conversation can go on.

Usually, when I have virtual conversation about a topic with a friend, even I know there is the answer in Google or Wiki, I will search for it instead of asking my friend at the virtual world to search of it. In order to spice up the conversation, copy paste excerpt of the wiki which is interesting and can be analyzed together to the chat window.

I know I can find everything in Google. Should I just cut off every communication with living human being? Google is the smartest friend. Should I just dump every friend who is not as smart as Google?

It is fine to feel bored chatting with me and say good night...

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Kelvin said...

Lucky my friends is not like tat, i ask them questions and they go search in google for me haha:D

Ghosty Nana said...

The QUESTION is are you ???