Dec 20, 2009


When I was browsing through, I just realised that One Life Exhibition was in Miri from 10-13 December 09.

Although I can't attend the exhibition, I can feel the atmosphere in the exhibition through the site.

It reminded me of the day I arrived Soyo, Angola in this hitch. When I was in the bus waiting to go to the port, I was looking out from my window and a saw a kid. The kid was carrying a plastic bag filled with empty water bottles. When the kid saw me looking at him, his hand signalling to me, asking for water or food. Too bad I did not have any food, nor water with me that time. It was a very pitiful sight. He was not asking for money, but something to eat or drink. Food and drink are more important commodity than money in Angola.

When I was in Egypt, I saw there are many children walking around asking for money and also children selling stuff in the middle of the road. On one occasion, after I had my lunch at Pizza Hut opposite Pyramids at Giza, I was carrying big bottle half full with Coke. Once I stepped outside, there are kids asking for money, then I just give them the bottle of Coke. However it is a different sight in Port Said, Egypt. Everything is neat in Port Said.  Its role as an important harbour strategically located near Suez Canal, had made the town have proper development. Hardly can see kids wonder around asking for money. I only saw that there are many school children with neat and white school uniform coming out from schools.

Few years ago, I read about Romanian street children in BBC online news, they have to stay underground to keep them warm. As in Malaysia, we do not have winter, I think most of Malaysian never think of how street children survive through cold winter without proper clothes and heat. Many just die from hunger and cold, and no one care about their existence and death.When I went to Romania, looking at those street children knocking on car's door begging for money, I was just speechless, thinking they are the underground children which I read online. They are real.

Adapted from BBC News in picture:
"They live in tunnels, sewers and drainage holes, hidden beneath Addis Ababa's teeming streets.
They move from one makeshift shelter to the next, chased away by police or the rivers of water and refuse that flow when the rains come.
Growing up amidst the traffic, they learn to hustle at a young age seeking change or selling small items to drivers at traffic lights."

The childrens are the future of a country. Without proper education and care, there goes the future of the country into the drain. Life is not just about 'I' or 'ME', or about humping around like rabbits, or about vagina and penis. There are many things going around you and me. We only need to stop complaining about how bad our life is and how bad our work is. Just stop and observe. Everything around us is there for a reason. Do not take anything as granted.

Happy New Year!

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