Dec 27, 2009

Pondering "Don't ever compare your boyfriend/girlfriend with your ex."

Usually in tips about relationship, one of the tips will be:
"Don't ever compare your boyfriend/girlfriend with your ex."

Seiously, why would someone choose bf/gf who acts like her/his ex?

I do not think anyone will want someone to remind her/him about her/his ex. It is suffering enough without anyone reminds her/him about the EX. It is better to apply Aloe vera cream on the wound than salt.

Personally, I will want to avoid attracted to anyone who reminds me of my ex. History is better be left alone, and not to be repeated.

I am sure the one you having now is much better than your ex. If you have the tendency to compare, just said "you are much better than my ex, you won't be mine if you are no better."

The End.

However, the pondering still continues....................

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