Dec 7, 2013

Office atmosphere

I missed my job in university. In a dept we have many divisions, but all are very helpful. You can consult anyone of them when you need help. They will be willing to help or suggest where to find help. If there is any attack from outside, we will stand together to defend our dept together.

Now in present job, i can only say it is ......................... Nothing to say.
Atmosphere of office is not healthy. It is like going to a field full of mines trap daily. Be careful of your steps or you will be bomb to pisces. It will be a gruesome scene. When someone in trouble, another one will cry in joy. Be careful of your back. It is like wearing a bullet proof and steel net vest to office. 'semua main sendiri' quoted from someone.

If one day boss want someone to be sacrifice item for the company benefit. Company will prosper with the sacrifice.
In uni, all will stand defending each other and not let anyone to be sacrifice.
In current office, everyone will start pushing each other into the sacrifice pot.

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