Jan 23, 2013

Upside down house

Last weekend, my friend from miri came to visit me.

We went to Rumah terbalik (Upside down house) at Tamparuli, KK, Sabah.

I went there last year, 2012, and I went there again in 2013.
They renovated the house. Floor not slanted and does not feel like in an upside down house.

And they moved the car inside the gate, so no more free view of upside down house.
The house have big window pane, making the house brighter inside.

Quality of service have decreased greatly.

When I went there last year, there was a friendly guide introduced the house to us. There is a gong in front of the house. She explained if we hit it once, we are datuk, twice would be tan sri, bla bla. And she was with a smile.

This year, the guide is not smiling. She did not explained about the gong. She was not friendly at all.

Feb 2012 Vs Jan 2013. Any difference?

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