Jan 23, 2013


I am going to disclose something ugly of my life. Peace..

During elementary and high school, library is an eerie place full of molester. Library always have haunted toilet. Scary librarian because i always return the book after overdue. This is public library in Miri.

Then a new library open for education staff beside my school. I always go there through a small gate. The 1st book i read from that library is an iban book, buaya putih (white crocodile). Very interesting story book. From the book, i knew that crocodile make nest at riverbank. Very interesting Iban story.

Miri Public Library was very huge when i was in high school. When i went to UTM, i saw a large large huge huge library. Now Miri library seems like very small room.

UTM library does not allow people sleep in the library and no water bottle But whenever i go to library, i will start sleeping, drool and snore. Most of my books have stain of my saliva. For water bottle, never ever put water bottle on table. Put it on floor. Just in case librarian saw the water bottle, just made blank face and never claim you know your bottle.

Library is such a memory


Small Kucing said...

LOL...Library is my usual hiding place

Ghostynana said...

Small Kuching hiding from what?