Jan 4, 2013

Flower only for me

Today i attended a funeral of an artist of Sabah. He is not a normal artist, he is Mingo. Someone who dared to speak up through his comic. Although I did not know him, he seems very nice and sound like a great person just from description of papers and his family members. He is constantly improved himself through his whole life and contributed to society.

When i signed my name on the attendance sheet before the ceremony, there is a little boy who was in charge to give a red packet containing 20 cents and 2 candies, a white cloth and 20 cents wrapped in red paper to all attendees. Beside her there is a little girl. After i wrote my name, the little boy hand me those things, along with a flower, a big flower without the stem. The little girl exclaimed, so big!

Then i realised i was the only person who have been given a flower. I suppose to put the flower into the coffin. Because i was the only one who have been given a flower, i guess the boy likes me much. Somehow i feel the flower is a gesture from the artist. Not spooky, but sweet. I am feeling good. A good new year indeed!

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