Jan 18, 2013

18 Jan 2012

I have a resolution actually, which is to blog everyday. So far i failed to do it. Today is 18 Jan 2012. It is my beloved mother's birthday. And she is here in kota Kinabalu with me. I am such a mummy girl.

So many things happen at home when I was away for 3 months, makes me feel want to go home and be there for them if anything happens. I will try to go back Miri again. Gambate to me in job hunting.Will I be doom if my kaypo colleagues read my blog. I don't think anyone would want to admit they are kaypo (busybody) by mentioning my thought to anyone in the office. Shhhh..

Btw I was just kidding about matter mention above.

I forgot to buy any present for my mama. I guess I am not a sentimental person. Have to admit that I seldom buy any present to anyone. If I saw a thing and that thing reminds me of that person, only then I will buy for the person. Aha now i get it! that's why I don't get much birthday gifts! huh..... I forgot to wish my mum happy birthday this morning... duh....

I know what my mother will said if I give present to my mama, she will said 'be good to me everyday is the best present to me'.

Happy birthday to mama and everyone who have their birthday today!


Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday to your mom

kc said...

my mums bday too today!

CWMartin said...

Happy birthday Mama Ghosty!

Ghostynana said...

Thanks from my mum to all wishes!

kc, happy birthday to your mum! So our mum was born on same day!