Apr 26, 2013

GE13 Malaysia

GE 13
13 is so inauspicious. The question is for whom? 

Which government is the most effective? 
The answer is temporary government, after Parliament dissolved on 3 April 2013. 

Why ler? 

Whenever after Parliament dissolved, the construction to improve road infrastructure will start and progressing smoothly. 
Villagers will get blue water tank. 
 Malaysian will get free gifts. Big people will come to visit you and smile to you. 
Police will caught many people who hit someone who try to remove flags. 
 All HOT news will be transparent, usually will be covered. 
 All have the freedom to voice out their hatred and love. 

 So who will you vote? 

 Don't try to answer. This question is a trap. 

 Conversation with an old man: 
 I : Datuk (granddad), later datuk will vote for which party? 
Datuk: I do not know. I will only know the moment I vote. 
 Wise as an old ginger.

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CWMartin said...

we'd be better off in USA if everyone voted like Datuk.