Jan 16, 2010

Slap Slap

How to publicly slap a friend? easy... write a post about her. hik hik hik (evil laugh).

My friend too 'minta puji.' She keep saying something to make me comfort her with some sweet words.

*sigh* I had detected this signs weeks ago. So I had stop praising her.

I know she reads my blog. This post is so evil.

I am so evil. Perhaps from reading too much dark story.

I think I am out of my mind today from being too happy. Because I saw land today around 9am. and my mind is full of food. I can removed my wallpaper tomorrow. FYI, my wallpaper of my laptop is a pic of wantan soup. oh Laksa... oh wantan soup.. oh mee kolok.. oh hongan soup telur.... porridge.... I miss Miri food. Mummy, I am coming home!!
written by Nomi
on 16 Jan 2010


[SK] said...

oh my, you know what i think?? put put photos of food as your wallpaper is something very WRONG!! hahaha.. i will never ever do that, this is a SIN~~ :p

Ghosty Nana said...

yes kind of wrong, make myself drooling over my laptop, telling my wallpaper "I will get you when I get home!"

Jennifer Hii said...

oh no.. are you talking about me?!
minta puji .. kekekekekkeke....