Jan 16, 2010

Internet was as lazy as me

Post for 14 Jan 2010

Was not able to update my blog yesterday.
Because the internet was as lazy as me.
Finished project around noon yesterday.
The last shot was very exciting, had to make sure everything is good before everything is finalised.
And we moved...
Trembling of water reminded me of Jurassic Park.

Post for 15 Jan 2010

Found the book somewhere.. if it is yours, please tell me. It will be in my possession before anyone claimed it.
If no one want to claim it, I will bring it back next time I come. Hope no one is screwed from missing the book.

Recently, my hobby of reading has come back. I had not be able to finish a book, or should I say, hard for me to even started a book, for quite some time now. I kept losing interest, as fast as I open the cover of a book. However, some books did capture my interest. And mostly, those book are of dark and evil story plot.

Usually you can know the mood of the person by listening the the music the person like. If someone in mood of love, the person will listen to romantic songs. If his heart just had a break, most possibly sad heart breaking song will emitted from his mp3 player. It is like, judge a book from its content, or judge a person form the song he is listening, or ......

(I just hope that I won't become more evil than I am now.)

....don't judge because you are not almighty God.
written by Nomi
on 15 jan 2010

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