Jan 13, 2010


When I was buzying, my annoying friends keep nudging me on messenger.
Wasted few minutes saying hi to them, but no reply.
Waited and almost deleted that person from my friend list.
Well, I scolded the friend from being so annoying.
We are still friend after the scolding event.
When the project is finishing, I am very busy busy busy busy.
When I am going home, I will be smiling smiling smiling sweet and wide.

written by Nomi
on 12 Jan 2010


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Naomi, hey...only today I noticed your name is 'Naomi'. Ha ha.
I had a girlfriend when young named 'Naomi', and later a lady by same name too.
Its a beautiful name, even used by Hollywood actresses, singers.
Okay, will not kachau you, have a nice day, Lee.

Ghosty Nana said...

Halo uncle Lee. Yeah, Naomi mean 'pleasant' in Greek if not mistaken.
A comment will never be 'kacau' for me. Thx for the comment. :)