Jan 23, 2010

My meat or Dried meat...

I am craving.. craving for food. It is almost midnight now. Yet I am craving for food.

Mind that I am not pregnant. Although I did get seasick when I was working, it is not morning sickness (I am not working now).

Please don't start lecturing me about late night snacks is good in gaining weight.

Hungry and craving.

I have to proudly announced that diameter of my waist had decreased, however diameter of my face seems to increased. It is easy to see when I took self potrait with my camera and when I laugh too. Layers of chin and chubby face.... It is a mystery. How can it happen?

I mean lost diameter around waist, but increased on face!

I didn't cut off my flesh, and make it into dried meat which I brought home~~~~~

I swear it is kudu biltong's dried meat.. safe to eat.
written by Nomi
on 23 Jan 2010


[SK] said...

at least you are better.. i am increasing diameter in both my waist and also face!! hmmm, and maybe my butt and hips and thighs too~~ :(

Ghosty Nana said...

your dancing at gym doesn't help?

kenwooi said...

mine is otherwise.. but i wanna get ti reduced! =P


Ghosty Nana said...

gaining waist diameter?? sit up can reduce that