Jan 5, 2010


Grassy patch spotted at Atlantic Ocean 0n 27 Dec 09

Sometimes it really feels isolation is the best way to run away from trouble.
Although none of the trouble is related to it, nor happened to it.
However the sound of trouble keep reaching towards it.
It really none of it's business.

It helped a lot of people. giving advice generously.
Now it feels like it had been used by them.

If it isolate itself, it will be like the patch of grassy patch, drifting to nowhere.
Nothing will be able to reach it.
Nothing as in others' business.

It still can't understand why someone want to relay a message through it.
It said it does not care, as it is not it's business.

How can something be so depressing to it, when the something is not it's problem?

It is happy till the something irritated it.

However if it didn't get any news from the world outside, will it become a cavewoman??
Super outdated with whatever happen?

Hence it prefer to be troubled by news, than no news.
At least it makes feel it's root still existing.

written by it
4 Jan 2010

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