Jan 3, 2010

Minesweeper again...

If some of you read comments for my blog, you will know that I suck in minesweeper. My percentage of winning is only 2%.

You may also wonder why I still into Minesweeper when I'm suck in it.

Playing Minesweeper is my way of indulging into my mind. I get ideas; I get inspiration from playing it.

Those few times I won, I even know the reason I won.

Once when I told myself that I will go to work if I win the game, and surprisingly I won. I can't believe myself winning. So I said to myself, I will surely go to work if I win THIS game. . I won again… I guess it is really time for me to start working, and kill my lazy worm.

Last time I won was become of my 'kiasu' spirit. 'Kiasu' mean 'afraid to lose', in one of Chinese dialect. 'Kiasu' is a adjective word, usually used to describe Singaporean. It is also known as competitive spirit, to be used on me.

That night, my friend told me that she won almost every game of Minesweeper. While I was thinking, if she can win, sure I can win too. Yes, I did win twice that night.

It is the attitude that makes us win. The only barrier to any challenge is our attitude. Attitude is likened to a vessel/container. If a vessel has a crack or broken, it won't be able to contain anything. If we really want to win, we have to defeat our negative self.

P.S: I got the inspiration of writing this post from playing Minesweeper.. Boss is away..shhhh :)

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