Jan 17, 2010

Hello blog readers

How do you usually read a blog?

My friend once told me that you have to read the first few oldest post of a blog to know the history and background of the writer.

When I first started reading blogs, my list of blogs was not much. I did read from the latest to the oldest blog of all my favorite blogs. As my collection of blog is growing bigger as time pass by, I can't effort to practice reading all post of a blog.

It is actually quite interesting if get to read from the oldest to the latest post of a blog. You can actually knows the blogger grow from the posts. Some blogger were bitchy when the blogger just started to blog, and post get more mature and have more content as time past. For some personal sex life blogs, you can even count how many boyfriend or girlfriend the blogger had before, and how the blogger end up. Maybe end up with HIV or syphilis or cauliflower or crab or married happily ever till then.

Tomorrow, I will be resting from virtual world and stop from being geeky for some time. You can start read my old post. Personally I think my old posts are more funny and are naive writings. In the meantime, I will be a zombie. you will know what is my zombie if you read my old post. :P

Please feel free to drop any comment at any post you like. It is a motivation for me to keep writing.

written by Nomi
on 17 Jan 2010

1 comment:

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nana, you are right about learning about a blogger.
As for me, I learned to fool around more with the blog, improving my blog to what I like.
You take care and keep well, Lee.