Jan 19, 2010

My blog

Did anyone finish reading all my old old posts?

Please rise up your hand if you did.

ah.... no one.

A colleague who read my blogs. He told me that reading my blog is like reading porn, told me this when he was sober. When he is drunk, he said my blog is full of bullshit, but he likes it.

Another friend, I told her I am reluctant to show her my blog because it may a bit 18SX. She asked me, will I show it to my parents. It is not a problem i show my blog to my mama, but I definitely won't show it to my dad. Or else he will lecture me about 'being a lady's guide.'

Once my cousin told me one of my posts is good. She reminded me that I have young readers. I even asked her, ''Are you older than 18?" Lucky she is 19 now. *phew....

I know my brother is one of my reader. If i want to make him angry, I will write a post to express my anger. I know his 'dead point' or weakness. Oh, I almost forgot to write a post , promoting his bachelor value. I will titled it as YBS, Year Beginning Sale, or...... "LELONG! LELONG! SIAPA MAU? Murah Murah!"
Translation: "Auction! Auction! Anyone! Cheap Cheap!" If my brother tease me about my singleness status, I will say, "I buying a shelf." (If you don't get the joke, click 'left on the shelf.'). I am a Christmas cake.

If you read my older post, you will noticed that I used to be nana, and I changed to Nomi. Nomi sounds more like me, as Joyne for Jayne, and Phobe for Phoebe. Miss you, Joyne Joyne.

Bla bla
writtern by Nomi
on 19 Jan 2010

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