Jan 28, 2010

Risk, challenge

Life is full of risk. No risk, no excitement, no satisfaction.

I usually play safe if there is no need to take a risk.

During my last trip to home, I was in Luanda International Airport, Angola. The queue for normal* check-in counter was super long, and the Q for gold card members/1st class was much shorter. So three of us decided to try our luck with the shorter Q, with our precious silver membership card. The risk of getting caught, be send back to the long Q and lose some face. The risk is nothing compare to wobbly leg for queuing for too long.

We waited patiently for our turn. I was the third person in the line. My first colleague barely get passed the guard. When he was asked for his gold card, he said he left it at home. He passed through the guard. Second colleague, when we was asked for his gold card, he said he only has silver. He was sent back to the long Q.

My turn now. "Gold card?" Turning on my round innocent eyes, saying, "I have silver card." Surprisingly, he let me proceed to the check-in counter. Special privilege for cute girls, I guess.

Another phase of life, another challenge, another risk is awaits for me. Hope everything is well and proceed well for me. Without this new phase, new challenge, new risk, my life may without meaning. Should I say, live without regret, love without regret.

written by Nomi
on 28 Jan 2010
*normal -  economy class


[SK] said...

that passed-through-with-silvercard thing might just be the start of good luck.. don't worry too much, life goes on.. :)

'Good Boy' said...

Angola??? What r u doing in Angola??? Is that a country in Africa???
BTW tq very mucg for dropping on my site!
Have a very nice day!

P.s Oh tq also very much for dropping on my other two sites better know as 'Horny Ang Moh'. Posing my 'good boy' now...........lazy to sign in as HAM.

Ghosty Nana said...

SK, indeed it is. Everything has been going very smooth this year.

Good boy, turning into new leaf? I work there in Angola, but no more. :)