Jan 11, 2010

Fire Issue

Recently, there are many cases of torching denomination church's building in my country, including in my town. Click for news.

This reminds me of a story told by my high school teacher. It is about racial riot on 13 May 1969, May 13 Incident. According to him, May 13 Incident was the outcome when a cinema fulled of people from different race, was torched down. The door was locked, and no one escaped from it. Then people start to accuse each other for committing the arson. Malaysian Chinese accused it is Malaysian Malay who did it, and vice versa. That was how May 13 Incident happened.

However his story is without any factual support.

In my hometown, race and religion rarely are problem. That is the reason I was surprised when there is an attempt to commit arson on church's building. Maybe it was only some people trying to sabotage the situation to play a prank on certain party.

No one knows for sure.

 Don't judge the content by its cover.

written by Nomi
on 10 Jan 2010


Victor Tan said...

I came here via Nuffnang Xchange

The church arson is a controversial event. There are many possibilities around the bushes, and of course, no one is sure who is to be blamed. I myself is a Christian and I'm also kinda upset with the arsons.

May 13 comment - There is a saying made repetitively in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - "History is written by the victor." Of course it is full of liars. I remembered when I study History in Form 3 and 5, the textbook NEVER told what really happened. The ones who are in power will tend to tweak and manipulate facts in order for people to accept what they are told. Thus, history is full of controversies.

Race and religion are indeed main problems in Malaysia. Well, a true 1Malaysia should not distinguish who's Chinese, Malay or Indian, as well as who's Christian, Muslim or Buddhist. We all should be called Malaysians as a whole. Well, most of us are awakened with the message of integrity, but our political system remains the same. Look at the 2008 Anwar case and the recent political fiascos nowadays, sometimes they involve race and religion issues in it.

Sometimes I wonder, will 1Malaysia really reach its own goal? And more importantly, are we able to achieve Dr. M's Vision 2020? 10 more years, Malaysia should do something.

Ghosty Nana said...

It will show how Malaysian are you, when you introduce yourself to the world. If you say you are Chinese, Malay or Indian, it shows that you are not Malaysian yet.