Jan 23, 2010

Fetus Sushi

Few days ago, me and my family went to Excapade Sushi, at Brunei. It took around 1 hour drive from Miri, Malaysia. Mirian usually travel to Brunei for sushi. We were lucky because it is not weekend. It is usually very full during weekend.

Admire the signboard before entering it.
 Sushi train is coming. The old train head had Shell logo on it. This is new train, without Shell logo.

Sushi going around the railway. Waiting for eater to pick them up

What does this thing looks like to you? This octopus looks like a fetus to me. Fresh, with blood.

Fetus in wasabi. Nyam nyam??

Big ship of sushi and raw fish.

Too much raw fish for me on one day. I think I won't be able to eat raw fish in a year. Yuck yuck...

Moral of the post: Moderate is the key to success, excessive is always not good. Not good for stomach, and not good to wallet too.

written by Nomi
on 23 Jan 2010


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ghosty Nana, ha ha, love your humour.
Regret I have not eaten Sushi....not too keen on Japanese food.
And that sotong looks delicious.
Was it expensive?

When I went to Japan, terok betul, hari2 makan Japanese food, but aha...I had a small bottle of sambal belachan with me.
You have a great weekend and stay young, Lee.

Ghosty Nana said...

Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for the compliment.
The sotong is at the expensive colour plate.
Though not too expensive.

Must be torturing, have to face raw fish almost everyday in Japan. But I am sure Japan is good for Uncle Lee's 'sightseeing'. :)

[SK] said...

why do Mirian have to travel to Brunei for Sushi?? there's no sushi in Miri??

Ghosty Nana said...

Sushi king just open in 2009, in Miri. Before that, Mirian always go to Brunei for big sushi. And small sushi at sushi king doesn't satisfy Mirian's taste.