Jan 3, 2010


"Good" is a very subjective.

How do you define "good"?

A food can taste good to you, but it may not be good for some people. In instances, Sarawak's popular dry noodle, we called it 'kan mien' or 'kolok mee. It is nice for us who grew up by eating it. But Sabahan may find the taste is too plain, people from Peninsular Malaysiamay think it is too dry (it is supposed to be dry). Non Asian may find it too oily.

 Sarawak 'kolok Miri' (Sibu version)

A person can be good to you, and be bad to others. Especially if that person likes you in romantic way, that person will treat you good. That person's attitude to others may not be the same. In this case, you will say that person is good, others will say tat person is a jerk/bitch.

When I am in bad mood, everything is bad. When I am in good mood, everything is good, even if I met a jerk or a bitch.

So Good is too flexible...

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