Jan 7, 2010


This cute button reminds me of stickers I used to have when I was a little girl.
When I went to Church's children meeting... ah..My memory fails me again. I do not want to feed you with some unreliable childhood stories of mine. So I will talk about other child then.

Every child likes a sticker on their exercise book. My mother used to babysit children. Whenever they get a sticker or a stamp on their exrcise book, they will proudly show it to my mother and everyone in the house that they get a sticker. It is a acknowledgement of their works. I think every children deserves a sticker as long as they finish their work, regardless of how good it is. For some children, no matter how hard they try in doing something, it may not be nice in adult's eyes.

Some kindergardens use stamps on hand as reward to children. I found it is inappropriate to stamp on hand. It can be hazardous as kids like to lick their hand and eat with hands. Most dreadful thing is it is erasable. The award will mean nothing if it is only there for few hours or end up in stomach.

Although i like stickers as award, I did not have sticker book. It was popular that kids have books filled up with stickers, stickers collection.

When my siblings and I was still kids, we always share. I share stickers. Whenever we bought row of stickers, we will count and divide it among us. You get three, I get three, you get three. Fair distribution to avoid argument. When we eat fried chicken wings, we also need to count how many fried chicken wings, so everyone will get their fair distribution. My mother only cook fried chicken wings on special occasion.

Everyone of us is now distributed to everywhere too. It is a bit weird for a traditional Asian family. Asian tend to keep their children nearby. Hard to believe that my sister once told my mother that she will marry a man from the neighbourhood we were staying, and now she ended up married to someone from the other side of Malaysia.

When will be our next gathering for all of us?

written by Nomi
on 6 Jan 2010

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