Jan 22, 2010

Failed mission

Venue: sPur Steak House, Garden Court Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa

Our table consist of around 8 guys and a lady, Nomi.
Opposite our table, seated a lady, sometimes accompany by a guy and another lady.
We were talking, laughing, and drinking some booze. Nomi occasionally drink some booze too.
The strong guy were talking with Nomi, telling Nomi some interesting stories. While he was talking, he was looking at the direction of the lady seated opposite our table. He claimed that he was not looking at her.
When Nomi turn her head around to look at the lady, she was alone and smiling horny weirdly.

Suddenly the waitress served us with 4 shots of wisky, saying that it was offered by that lady sitting opposite us. I supposed it was meant for the men, however I drank one, and the strong man drank two.
She surprised us again by coming to our table and said to the guys, "Why didn't you drink the wisky?" One of the guys said, "we did."
She said, "He did, you didn't, you didn't, you didn't." The strong man said he drank two shots, saying something like he is strong because he beat Nomi in arm wrestling.
Then she left. (I didn't catch what she said because she left).

Deduction started: 
She left us wondering what exactly she wanted from us. According to the strong man, she wanted some sex.
Nomi thinks she is prostitute, but no prostitutes will spend money to get sex.

Receipt from the lady:
Not long after that

She gave a receipt with her name and phone number. Note: Phone Me for some S.A. (South Africa) fun.
The guys keep passing around the receipt, claiming they don't want to pay for it and they don't want the trouble.

Her mission to get some fun from us was failed.

Reasons of her failed mission are:
  • Unclear target cause confusion. Targets were uncertain who she aimed at. At least let the target knows that someone is interested in the target. So the target can say yes or no to her suggestion in having 'fun'.
  • Attached guys are faithful to their spouse.
  • Unattached guys are gays just not interested in her. She is not their cup of tea.
  • The guys are not into human version of Amarula.
  • Nomi is not lesbian.
Lesson to be learn:
Set A target and aim to the target.
She should had sent only one shot of wisky to only one target.
A bed can't be shared with 5 person.
written by Nomi
on 22 Jan 2010


bubbleberry said...

hahahaha adui .. so many lesson need to be learn :p

Ghosty Nana said...

hehehe. educational ma. Want to add any lesson?

bubbleberry said...

i cant think of 1 rite now haha simply too funny .. i tak paham y the lady tak nak straight foward flirt with the guy la .. whatshe did is scaring off the dudes and dudetts also :p