Jan 25, 2010

Dirty linens on Facebook

Washing dirty linens at public...
Writing on Facebook wall about your relationship's complication is likened to washing your dirty linens in public.

Let everyone to see you dirty linen, dirts you have in your personal life. For gross description, it is like showing your bedsheet full of period blood for public to see.

Facebook is so influenced that some people use Facebook to show their hatred and to get revenge via Facebook.

One person was so childish that he deleted me, added me and then deleted me from his friends list. I laughed when I realised he deleted me again. It is not like I am going to die after he deleted me. Immature... Such person is one of those kind of people blacklisted my in friend's list. I should thank him for deleting me. Thanks!

When you are too lazy to announced your engagement to all your friends, you can just change your marital status to 'engaged' on Facebook. Within seconds, you will received wishes and greeting from friends and from unknown friends.

When you are too excited because you just have a boyfriend, you can also announced it via Facebook. Personally, I think it is a bad omen to change marital status on Facebook. Many couples broke up as fast as they changed their marital status. As if someone will start cursing your relationship, when they saw your new marital status. So better just keep it to yourself. Or you can blog about it.

This post sounds like a hate post.
written by Nomi
on 25 Jan 2010


kenwooi said...

nothing is private anymore on facebook..
everyone uses it as a place to connect and share their life.. =)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Naomi, ha ha, never realised that's your name. Have always loved that name, for ahemm, sentimental reasons, ha ha.

I am not on Facebook, nor Tweeter nor whatever, except my pondok, good enough for me. Don't even own a h/phone.

And yes, washing baju kotor in public no matter whatever, is just in my books, no class as well it reflects back on author.
From what I have been reading in our papers here about facebook, a lot of people are now regretting what they washed in public....

Furthermore, if a broken relationship and its posted, habis cherita.
Men or women will chabut, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Naomi, Lee.

Ghosty Nana said...

Yes kenwooi, it is like outlet for becoming famous, or subject to gossip.

Yes Uncle Lee, I read your post about Naomi. What was done can't be undone. That's why have to be careful with what we post on public site.

bongkersz said...

talking about delete, add, delete, add, delete and add.. my record being put to such antic.. hmm, 5 times? this person added me and deleted me for 5 times. o.O

Ghosty Nana said...

The fun of adding is to have the fun of deleting again

Kelvin said...

I once ignored 14 friends request...thought they were games invitations...and now they ignored my request when i added them haha

[SK] said...

uh-ah, never ever be into private details anywhere.. FB, blogs are all in public platforms, though they are your accounts but still seen by public.. must be alert what you are posting in there..

and especially don't let your boss or mum see your secrets~~ :p

Ghosty Nana said...

Kelvin, that was a big blunder, mistaken friend request as game request. When I see someone who try to add me as friend, I will check his friend list, if 80% of friends are poor girls (not enough money to buy full clothes) I won't at that person.

SK, one of the reasons I don't add my bosses. hehehe