Oct 1, 2010

What about the blogger?

I take that you are interested in me.

I am not that interesting after all. Just Homosapian.

I like to blog because it is not an exam or a speech preparation. No need to have introduction, body and ending. No need proper grammar or vocabulary. 

Most of my posts are very random that I would forgot not long after I wrote it down. Someone told me that my blog is full of 'banana'. Is it so?

This blog started with many tips, and banana, and deep thoughts, and banana, and random thought and emo emo.

Actually in this blog I like to experienced various style of writing, style of no one ever talked about. It is call ghostynana style. Some post written with many similar word if you really take ghostynana as a subject of your PHD  (Permanent Head Damage) research.
If you think my blog is crazy, don't you think the readers are more crazy than the writer???

Anyway, welcome to the blog. Hope you all enjoy it. I don't mind you send me birthday present. :P


AngeL BeaR said...

it's ur blog, u do whatever you want with it. =)

Kelvin said...


Ghosty Nana said...

Yea,angel BeaR. :)

Vin vin vin vintage