Oct 9, 2010

Comfortable Zone Episode 1

I believe everyone has their own comfortable zone, it is the matter of how big is the buffer.
Generally Asian has bigger buffer of comfortable zone than non-Asian.

Do you noticed that Asian rarely hug or kiss each other, or a.k.a. as Public Display Affection, P.D.A?

O wait... I think a big buffer of comfortable zone is only applicable to conventional generation.

I still remember when the first time an Colombian guy gave me a cheek to cheek greeting. After he left my office, I was laughing uncontrolled. It feels weird, but it was fine. 

I am not good with hug greeting, because most of the time I don't know what should I do with the hand on the person's back. Should I pat lightly? Or just put some pressure on the person's back? Or pat with sound 'pok pok'? While hugging, how should I prevent from body (chest) touching? 

Isn't that a mere handshake is simple enough?


Kelvin said...

No need to pat or anything lah, just lay ur hands on his back can liao.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

all sorts of greetings need practice...I used to get confused with kissing left and right cheeks and then left again....and if some one has big nose I get hit!@! hahahahah too near. so the hugging and kissing can take longer time....what about body contact...use your own judgement. It can be corrected over time ....cjeers...I think Toastmasters should have a good laugh and practice.

We had some orientation on this before...you know lah...oriental country bumpkins...only know how to clasp both hands and bow....

foongpc said...

I love hugging! It gives a loving warm feeling! Provided I like the person I hug la. Haha!