Oct 26, 2010

Safety first

These few days, something happen on the gunboat that was reported as First Aid Case, which accident that required first aid attention. As our client is BP, a very strict one, we are having a stand down these 3 days (no operation allowed) because of the case. Investigation Team (IT) from BP is here to investigate the cause of the case, also checking out our safety and quality procedures. IT will be asking us questions which we don't know what it will it be. Our big safety manager sent out an email with some 'soalan bocor (slip questions)' of the 'interrogation'.

*Cut and paste from the email*

Questions they are likely to be asked will be open ended: 

Now is the time to be open, honest and professional but to the point. It is not the time to give a joke, flippant answer or vent any pent up feelings you may have.

Questions such as;  Tell me about what HSE means to you….?  You should have an answer to this question

How do you show Leadership and Commitment……?    Setting the example, ensuring my workers are trained, Holding Safety Meetings, Attending Toolbox Talks, Reporting Accidents, Incidents, Un-Safe Acts and Conditions including Near Misses, ensuring that they have the necessary tools, equipment and PPE.

How do you ensure you and your workers are performing their job safely…..? We hire workers that have experience in their work, We train our workers in their job, We give them the tools, equipment and resources to do their jobs properly and safely We observe our workers performing their work to ensure they are working safely,  We have them follow our Policies and Work Procedures…….

*Our Conclusion from the email*
Scenario: When IT asked us the question
IT: What HSE means to you?
Me: You should have the answer to this questions.

Joking aside, safety is our own responsiblity.
We want to work, and also go home with our hand and toes and nose and ears and eyes and mouth and vital organs attached.
Safety guy in the crew is safety adviser.
The person in charge of safety is the regional HSE guy.

Our commitment as lower level staff in safety is:
- report unsafe act via stop card
- report safe act via stop card 
- practise buddy system, taking care of each other, especially newbies who is wearing orange PPE (usually is green)
- don't do boat to boat transfer without proper PPE and procedures (safety shoes, lifejacket, with someone beside you)

Hopefully all do fine in the 'interrogation' today, so we still can continue the project and get the bonus.


willie a.k.a reptoz said...


You're working offshore huh? I was in offshore and our client was also BP. When it comes to safety, they definitely make a big fuss of it because they are paying for all the medical expenses. OUr company was strict on safety too. If too many accidents BP will not be our client anymore.

Anyway, I hope you will get the bonus hahahah!

Ghosty Nana said...

Dude, I am not a dude.

Work on vessel, seismic company. very fussy client. Now status of the project is still uncertain

AmirFX said...

Keja dekat vessel? wahhh.. Best.. Gerenti salu tangkap ikan...