Oct 1, 2010

Get laid OOOO

Someone wrote a comment in my previous previous post... That person suggested me to get laid....

When I read the word 'get laid', I was not sure whether it means 'get sex' or 'get fired'.

1st instinct was to google it (FYI I even googled for 'wanker' before, and one of the meaning is John Howard, Australia ex PM).

The results comprises of laying eggs, looking for sex....

I guess get fired, lay eggs and get sex, all got to do with eggs.

When you are fired, O income.
When lay eggs,  it is O.
When have sex, also have O. Not just one O. But many OOOOOO.

Hence all are about OOOO.

Although there are many men here, I don't think I should get laid with anyone of them.
I am not saying they are not man.
How to work with someone whom you slept with? It would be hard to concentrate when working.
All that you can see is maybe about OOOO. 
And can't laugh about OOOO.
And can't talk about OOOO.

Eventhough Office started with the word O, it is the worst place to start OOOO.  


AmirFX said...

Oooooo... haha.. Maybe get laid is just get some O from kopi O or Milo O.. haha..

Ghosty Nana said...

hahah. yalor ho. mayb ooooooo

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...you damn hao lien..you SERIOUSLY need to get laid if such thing you also wanna use as a blog posting.All the best.