Nov 8, 2011

Backpacking 2011 Outline

Most of you may not know that I had my 1st backpacking out of Malaysia last April.

The trip took place from 2 - 20 April. For 19 days, our journey covered Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Generally it is our journey back home via longer route, Indochina. Why do I say so?

Because 19 days is too short to truly uncover whole Indochina!!
Many backpackers we met during our journey, take 6 months to travel around indochina.

Our group is quite a unique combination. 3 of us are Borneo girls, and are with different life background. 

Our tour guide is a Muslim. Let's call her Mix. Mix is actually our crazy tour guide. By looking at her itinerary, we have to be powerpuff girls to catch up with it. It is so pack that we have no time to rest and from time to time, we will overnight by the beach. 19 days! It is quite rational to be in rush. The other 2 crazy girls don't mind such crazy tour guide.

Another Borneo girl is Ad. Ad is truly a Borneo girl. Her house is very long (*wink*). She is actually our ambassador during the journey. She can speak Japanese and this help when we lost our way and met a Japanese. She and  I are from different ethnicity, but many people said she is my sister.

Lastly is me. As the fairest of the group, fair as in fair skin, a good follower.

Wherever we go, we attracted our fair portion of attention. One with headscarf, one fair and another brown. Clearly we are Asian. Not many short Asian girls with big backpacks and claimed to be backpackers. However one thing I am sure that made us the center of attention is we laughed a lot, and it is not a quiet laugh. 

Oh yeah, not to forget our faithful Lonely Planet.

Lonely Planet with her owner


[SK] said...

yeah, 19 days for so many places seems more like those commercialized packaged guided trip than backpacking, haha!!

AngeL BeaR said...

that was interesting. I always wanted to backpack. how much you spent for the whole trip if don't mind me asking?

AmirFX said...

Asian people like to laugh it loud.. No doubts about it.. hahaa...

foongpc said...

It's nice to backpack with a group of friends especially crazy friends! LOL! So where will you be backpacking in 2012? : )

Naomi said...

SK, hahah yes. difference is that we have no luxury.

Angel Bear, roughly this trip cost us around RM3000. can be lesser if we don't buy souvenirs.

Amir, you laugh loud too?

panda foong, now you know why I said you visit those place for me. hehehe 2012.... not sure. maybe pluck apples in NZ