Oct 30, 2011

2nd Miri Tattoo Exhibiton

This weekend attended 2nd Miri Tattoo Exhibiton at Eastwood Golf Club & Resort. This exhibition started on 28 October, and last for 3 days. Finally my camera is out of his hiding. Extra mold on its body, spices up my photo.

There are live bands performing for the whole day. 
Call me outdated or anything, I don't get what they were singing really. 
This band group is ok.
Next band is worse. 
All they do is shout~~~Arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh EEEEEEEEEEEee..


This old is a tough old man. He started this tattoo from the 1st day, and continue it on second day. Mind you, he is skinny, have only skin and bone, no fat at all. It is more painful when you are thin. 
Make me wonder what he do for living.

Admire this tattoo artis, he looks so cool with his mask. Seems like he is the only one  is wearing a mask while tattooing. 
Meanwhile his masterpiece is too sexy for me, if not mistaken he is wearing boxer.

Cool, right?

This lady is having tattoo for both of her shoulders. It makes me think of Naruto.

Tattoo artis is so attentive to their art.

Not to forget it is Halloween too~~~

Stay tune for body suspension!!!


[SK] said...

wow, live tattoo show?? interesting, but then will be scary to see the painful expressions on those big man too~~

AmirFX said...

Nana ada polah tattoo juak ka? Best jak tengok sidak ada tattoo...

Ghostynana said...

SK, interesting. 1st time to see how tattoo is made. They look bored because have to remain still for long time,and not painful. And no blood.

AmirFX, kmk sik polah tattoo. Nanga saja dah cukup. Amir, ada tattoo? Pernah kmk nanga cikgu yang ada tattoo. Guru disiplin lagi tu. Tapi kmk rasa itu tattoo sebab culture.

Ovonel said...

nice! wanna get an east mly tribal design

Naomi said...

Tattoo is part of Iban culture. But when a Chinese have a tattoo, he might be understood as triad.