Oct 13, 2011

I forgot that I am still single

I forgot how to be a girlfriend.
I forgot how is it feel to have boyfriend.
I don't remember know what should I do if I become a girlfriend.

As someone who is not attached to anyone, I am free as a bird.
I don't have to report to anyone when I do something.
I don't have to ask anyone before I do something.
Unless I need to consult with my parents.

Independence and freedom.
Might be lonely and alone.

Attaching to someone is equivalent to sacrificing for someone.

"Why are you still single?"

A popular question. I also wonder why. Can you please give me the answer to it?
Not enough socialise? I have friends who are very socialise but yet still single.

Not pretty enough? Someone said I am pretty before.

Not slim enough? I am not too fat....
Laugh too loud? ok... maybe? hahahaha

Am I a lesbian? I am straight, but lesbians do look at me when i go out.


AngeL BeaR said...

coz that other half is not yet come along...

[SK] said...

just one reason: your destiny is still on its way walking towards you~~ :)

Merryn said...

laffing too loud is happy-mah! Maybe you are shudn't be too 'ghostly' :P whatever that means! haha... why are you "Ghostly N@na" in the first place? u r not THAT scary are you? :D