Nov 14, 2011

3 April 2011 - Part-1

2 April 2011 - Miri-Bangkok (Part-1)

2 April 2011 - Bangkok (Part-2)

3 April 2011 - morning

We woke up without alarm, around 8am. Today schedule included floating market, wax museum and buffet on Sky Bayoke Hotel. Quite a pack schedule, yet we are in no rush.

At 1st we thought of taking a local bus to floating market. However when we are outside of the hotel, we saw some taxi. According to a taxi driver who is very fluent in English, local bus will only take us to the bus station, from the bus station we have to take another transport to the floating market. Taxi trip to and fro would only cost us 900 Bath, which means 300 Bath per pax (RM30/10USD). It is quite a good bargain for three of us, and it is not a short journey. So it is taxi then.

Taxi ID

Our nice taxi driver
For safety purpose, we always take photo of everything as proof. We even plan to take photo everytime we pay money. Actually that is just a good excuse. We are just like typical Asian. Photography is most important in travelling.

Our destination 
 This leaflet is useful when we are communicating with taxi driver. We can just point to our destination, and the driver will know where you want to go, without even talking.
LPG Gas station

Coconut served when we arrived at the jetty. 

Before we depart, some explanation given to us about canal and which market we will be going. Beware that there are many floating market in Bangkok alone. The most famous of the floating markets is Damnoen Saduak. We going there~~

Be ready to smile when someone is taking your photo. Don't be shy. It is for your souvenir plate. (Normal sold for 200 Bath per piece, but we bargained and get 170 B per piece)

Along the stream, there are many stalls selling souvenirs (Duh!). They have a hook with long wood that can hook any passing boat. Don't forget to bargain! 
Buy! Buy! To support local economy!

 This is Uk, our skipper. He is a very happy one. Happy skipper with happy girls.

Elephant Pillow 300B

Art on Teak 500B
 I bought a elephant pillow and a painting on a wood. So happy! Quite expensive~~~
I only have keychains for you all. hahhahaa

This is the scene at central market. Souvenirs here are cheaper than those along the canal. Perhaps many people finish buying their souvenir when they reach central market. You can try bargain for lower price easier here.

Not to forget to show my lunch, Mango with sticky rice. Very sweet. It is 50 Bath.

When Uk shouted elephant, our friend Ad saw some brown stuff sticking out from water surface and it looks like an elephant. She point to it and shouted "elephant!". Mix also joined her and kept looking at the brown stuff. Laughter filled our boat, when they realised it is actually just stub of wood. Even Uk understand the humour. at the jetty, before our boat touched the jetty, Uk already started telling people at the jetty what happened back there.

Next destination continue in next post....


[SK] said...

never been to the floating market before, but read this, it's interesting!! the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one of the worst trap tourist spots by CNN, haha!!

Naomi said...

hahaha seems like. there are many floating market around Indochina.