Nov 12, 2011

2 April 2011 - Bangkok (Part-2)

2 April 2011 - Miri-Bangkok (Part-1)

2 April 2010 - Night

Heading out to Kaosan road for dinner.

13-15 April is New Year for Thai, Songkan Festival, a.k.a. water festival.

On our way to food, we saw this mobile Bank. Cute bank with cute bank cashier too.

Across the road, there is a chinese operated food stall. We thought we can have our very 1st nice tomyam.

Framed on the wall without any photo in the frame.

That is our order. Tomyam is 100 Bath, bean sprout is 50 Bath.

While waiting for our food, we are so obsessed with the coke, can't resist from camwhoring with it.

Not nice at all..... A big disappointment on tomyam kung

Not letting it to spoil our happy night out. lalallala
Back to Kaosan road. Actually many interesting to see along the road.

You can even make a fake certificate here~~

Next we head out to a bar, Roof  Bar & Restaurant. I had a sex on the beach. It is not a real sex. If I was on a beach, perhaps it is real. JJ (just joking)

While enjoy it, not the sex but the drink, I noticed many people are drinking this...

It is Thai Samsok Sangsok

The sex made me too drunk for anymore booze. Going for samsok tomorrow night. By now, only one of us is free from alcohol.
If the three of us would have to walk straight on a straight white line, Ad would fail, I am still ok.

We even have to form a train, hand to shoulder, to go back to our hotel.

My luggage is still missing.
Not going to sleep naked with the girls. Lucky I have my multipurpose jacket. *wink*



Ovonel said...

human train! am imagining random ppl adding to the chain, thinking its a dance

CWMartin said...

Nifty pictures, I am learning a lot. Many of my friends have sex on the beach- I don't care for fruity drinks (or the sand!) "Mobile banks?" Strange concept to me. Do they not have ATM machines?

[SK] said...

hahahaha, i wouldn't have expected simply running into a shop and have a nice tomyum as you have wished.. wow, the sex made you too drunk for anymore booze?? what's in the samsok actually??

Naomi said...

Ovonel, if there are music, maybe. hahhaha

CWMartin, sandy fruity drink. Mobile banks are quite convenient for travellers. I didn't see any bank around there.

SK, the one in front of the hotel have very nice tomyum, but closed. Samsok is wiski