Nov 10, 2011

2 April 2011 - Miri-Bangkok (Part-1)

2 April 2010

11.25am: Flying off from Miri to Kuala Lumpur alone. So excited. I can't believe I am going to backpacking.

Tips in buying ticket: It may cheaper to buy ticket online on Friday.

Once the plane touched down in KLIA, walking straight to departure gate to meet my other 2 friends.

3:15pm: We don't get to sit together on the plane because we checked in separately. Fyi, we are flying Malaysia Airlines. 

When we reached Bangkok, Thailand. 1st place we have to go is the toilet!

Someone had this idea, the crazy journey started
Toward to long Q at immigration counters.

I get a good news in the airport. My luggage will arrived with the next flight, and they gave me a number to call once I am at my hotel. Yeah, no need to carry 2 bags.

Now we are at Suvarnabumi Airport in Bangkok. From here, we want to go to Kaosan road. Kaosan road is known as backpacker's area. It is tourist friendly and consider safe for tourist. We are going there by bus. We ask some tall Thai guys for bus station in the airport, we then follow them. It is quite a long walk down from arrival hall. Later we realised the guys didn't actually remember that we are still behind them, when we at an exit, we saw many bus. They didn't stop to tell us that is the way to our bus. Lucky we have eyes to see the bus for ourselves. Just for double confirmation, we called out to the guys to confirm that is the place we can take a bus to Kaosan road. 

The ticket cost 150 Bath, around RM15. Kaosan road is the last stop of the bus. The bus stop few times before it reach Kaosan road.

Once at Kaosan, we actually had no idea which hotel to stay. Suddenly a Thai guy pop out from nowhere, he wanted to take us to a tourist information center. He claimed that tourist information center can get us some discount for hotel, and it is run by government. Our tour guide refused to follow him, because lonely planet mentioned that it is not advisable to follow these people.

She is the tour guide, we follow our tour guide.

So we walk along the road with our heavy bags and ask around.

Finally we found a decent one, Sleepwithinn ( One room with a king size bed  for a night is 1050 Bath (around RM105). We shared one bed.

 It is quite nice, small but elegant. Truly comfortable.

Its washroom is in a see through glass door with shower curtain. Washing basin is in the room. By this time, we are terribly hungry.

Heading out to Kaosan road~~~

Oh yeah, before heading out for food, I made a phone call to the airport and give him my address. So they can send my luggage to me. Cost me 20 Bath for the call.


AmirFX said...

NAna banyak melancong tahun nie.. Best la...

[SK] said...

and the journey has just begun.. looking forward to your next posts~~

TZ said...

I came across your blog ... I'm going to Bangkok in three weeks. So is Sleepwithin good?