Jun 10, 2016

Kamsa hamida!

When we reached the immigrations at Incheon Airport, I tried to speak Korean language. Of course I start with the easiest which is saraheyo which means I love you. Of course I am just joking.

So I started with second and third easiest Korean language which are ani haseyo and kamsa hamida. How are you and thank you.
When I said anni haseyo to the immigration oppa, he answered back wiyh the same word. When I said kamsa hamida, he just made a sound 'hmnn'. It sound rude to me.

Every time I said kamsa hamida to a Korean, all I get is some sounds. Later on I realised there is no reply such as 'you are welcome' in Korean language. Ok so hmnnnn was normal reply.

Then we grabbed our lunch at convenient shop and reload our Tcard or subway card.


1 comment:

CWMartin said...

No words for "you're welcome"? Interesting. I learn so much from you! Kamsa hamida!