Jun 12, 2016

Over stressed...

Since couple of years ago, my eyes always swollen for no reasons. I suspect it is due to over stressed. 

Probably it is time to get married to a decent man with a decent income. Then I can be a housewife.

However.... during recent gathering with old friend disuaded me from the above option. All she talked about are we are old and she is busy with cleaning and cooking and taking care of dogs. Hard to imagine to be at home whole day doing non-stop cleaning and cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning dogs. 

I do not want to be a fulltime housewife. I am just saying this because I envy her that she can quit her job.

I think the real reason of my swollen eyes is over heating. Motherboard is overheating and going down very fast...........

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CWMartin said...

Whatever the cause, I hope you find relief soon. As for the husband, he'll come along in due time. And the housework, well it's there whether you work or stay at home, single or married.